The Mind Heals ApproachSM

What we believe does make a difference with our health and wellbeing.  There is well documented research and clinical evidence that what we think and how we feel can affect our ability to heal and respond to treatment. Researchers over the years have recognized the power of the mind. They acknowledge the placebo effect as a powerful example that ones belief matters. There is also clear evidence that our thoughts and feelings can affect our basic physiology on a biochemical and cellular level. Our perception of pain is dramatically influenced by our thoughts and emotions.

In recognition of the important role that belief has on our healing and the treatment that is recommended, we have created a new model to support this approach with our patients. We appreciate the reality that our overall health is intricately connected to our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  The best treatment for each patient must include a true partnership between the patient and practitioner. This individualized approach acknowledges the importance of practitioner intuition and professional judgment in collaboration with the intuition of the patient.  Often with proper guidance it is the patient who knows what may best facilitate their own healing. Our team empowers you to access this inner wisdom.

The Mind Heals Approachsm  supports:

  • The Power of Belief and Intuition as the Centerpiece of Care
  • Language/Words and environment that nurture positive beliefs
  • A true commitment with signed agreement between practice/program and patient
  • Patient as the central member of the team
  • Support Network and Resources
  • A true partnership that recognizes the power of our inner wisdom when making life and health care choices.
  • Excellent communication with team working towards a common goal