Chronic Pain

We offer a Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Program serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Chronic pain affects millions of people on a daily basis. It is important to acknowledge the impact chronic pain has on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual state of health of the individual. The experience of chronic pain is far reaching since it also affects our family, friends, community and work environment.

Research has demonstrated the clear benefit that a comprehensive interdisciplinary program provides. A large study that reviewed data from other research indicated that outpatient pain programs offer a clear benefit over more conventional pain management with regard to mood, disability, interference with activities, pain behavior, reduction of pain intensity, decreased inappropriate use of health care, and return to work. 

Healing Choices offers relief from pain while providing drug free options that are individualized to meet each patients needs. We strive whenever possible to address the root causes of pain while offering a true partnership with a caring expert team of practitioners. We provide a compassionate environment that recognizes the challenges that our patients and loved ones face, while nurturing a positive attitude that offers an opportunity for true healing.

Key Components to Chronic Pain Program:

  • Complete Medical Assessment
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Focus on Drug Free options
  • Specialized interdisciplinary approach with expertise in the treatment of Chronic Pain
  • Referral options for other medical specialist and practitioners who can support treatment
  • Compassionate care with Rehabilitation focus
  • The Mind Heals ApproachSM